Rejuvenating hand and nail cream with wild rose extract - Herbal Care


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Our hand cream with wild rose extract was created for all those who want their hands to look young. We designed it using natural herbal ingredients prized for centuries which improve skin elasticity delay the aging process regenerate the skin and strengthen nails. Each day your hands regains their youthful appearance the skin becomes more elastic and your nails become stronger. For the creation of this cream, we relied on the rich tradition of herbal remedies and our own experience therefore we are sure of the results. 

For mature skin with signs of aging. PARABEN FREE DYES BHA PARAFFIN OIL. 90% NATURAL INGREDIENTS.

INGREDIENTS meaning why the cream works: the wild rose extract rich in vitamin C improves color deeply nourishes and regenerates skin the silk proteins remove skin roughness and efficiently protect against the unfavorable action of external factors vitamin E rejuvenates the skin and strengthens nails Inutec moisturizes and protects against irritations. RESULTS meaning expect the best: soft hands with a rejuvenated appearance perfectly moisturized nourished and regenerated skin stronger nails skin more resistant to the passage of time and the action of external factors.

Use: Gently massage the cream on the skin of the hands and nails. It can be used several times a day.


Dermatologically tested
– Quality Certificate ISO 9001: 2008
– Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificate ISO 22716: 2007;
– Environmental management systems Certificate ISO 140001: 2005

Shelf life: Best used before the date on the container.

Net content: 100 ml

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